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Automate your busy work and follow up

Being a great real estate attorney or transaction coordinator doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself. Thanks to TrackAutomation you no longer have to waste time chasing people for paperwork, emailing people for updates, micromanaging your staff, or asking people if they saw your important email.

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Track With Ease automatically follows up on thousands of things for you, so you don’t have to.

Save yourself the trouble of asking for things over and over again.
It’s like having a team of digital Artifical Intelligence paralegals knowing exactly when to follow up and with whom.

TrackAutomation handles all follow ups on your behalf… until everything gets DONE.

Automatically follow up to remind people to send you information, sign documents, upload forms, provide contacts, and more. Save yourself dozens of follow ups, across hundreds of transactions.

Automate updates & communications with clients to keep them satisfied

Keep clients updated before they even think about asking you. Real time and automatic updates help you communicate more… while actually spending less time keeping in touch.

Automatic Task and Critical Date follow-ups so nothing falls through the cracks

Automatically get alerts and follow ups about critical dates and key tasks. Track With Ease will follow up and auto-detect responses and check-off items so you know they’re done.

Automate setting up new files, collecting information, and sharing it with key parties

Say goodbye to “intake forms”, heavy paper folders, and chasing people for information. Track With Ease automates the setup process and getting key info to all parties and team members.

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