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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

The TWE tool was one of my favorite parts of the process of purchasing our new home. It was so easy to use, so intuitive, and so organized! Everything was in one place, you got reminders when things were due, and everyone involved in the transaction was informed every step of the way. Never did I have to go back and dig through my emails and email chains to find something important. There was so much time and effort saved on everyone’s end. I also appreciate having the comfort of knowing that my documents are all in one safe and secure place, even now that the process is complete. My favorite feature was that you could comment right on the document, and control who could see what. I didn’t have to put any effort into making sure you knew exactly what I was asking about or what line of the document I had a question on. There was absolutely no back and forth conversation trying to clarify something. The comment came up right on the document! It was incredibly user-friendly. I can’t say enough good things about this product, and would highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you so much.
-Galina Loutchouk-

We recently bought our first home and my wife and I could not be happier with the service of our attorney. He provided thorough insight and communication via a program called Track With Ease, as we communicated constantly through that portal to help us understand all of the processes involved in buying this home. The TWE software he utilized was an extremely important tool that differentiated his service from others and allowed all involved in this process to confer via a single online portal. Every important date was published and all required documents were uploaded to TWE and could be referenced on demand, the program was so easy to use, understand and moved us to a swift and efficient closing! We unquestionably recommend him to anyone in need of real estate lawyer in NJ.
-Nelson Martinez-

My wife and I had worked with Chander six years ago on my first home purchase which went well. Most recently, we have had the pleasure of working with him again on selling the home and purchasing a new one on the same day. The process this time around was even more efficient through the use of Track With Ease which coordinated both transactions in one place. Track With Ease proved to be so valuable in getting information to one or more individuals involved with the transaction in real time, and getting whatever information I needed to refer to. This benefited not only myself and my wife but also some of the others involved, including brokers, loan processors and title company. It is a great tool that consolidated the communications of a home selling and home buying process which made our lives during this stressful time that much easier! Thank you again Chander and Track With Ease!
-Jack & Jamie Ng-

We recently had the pleasure of working with a great attorney during the purchase of our new home. My wife and I knew we were off to a good start when he directed us to an application called Track With Ease. Using TWE during our closing made the process move so much smoother than we anticipated or had experienced in our first home transaction. Being able to review and upload not only the documents but also the email correspondence between our attorney, the seller’s attorney, our realtor, our loan officer and the title company allowed us to see exactly what was going on at all times. In addition, we could ask questions, set tasks, review the milestones of the deal and get prompt responses immediately, including notifications on our phones when responses were made. It was a 24/7 customer service experience that exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend using this service and the team behind it!
-Derrick & Lori Jones-

I wanted to thank you and let you know how simple it was to sign the contract online with Track With Ease. The one or two clicks it took saves me the hassle of having to either come into the office or even print something out, sign it, scan it and send it back. The Track is also a convenient place I can ask questions regarding whichever document I’m about to sign. I’m already logging in to the Track every day anyway to check on the status of the transaction, this just makes the process that much more efficient.
-Jerry Korey-

We recently had the privilege of utilizing track with ease on the purchase of our first home. The tool took a seemingly overwhelming process and condensed it all to one central hub where each moving part could easily communicate with the other. It was extremely to helpful to see what milestones we had completed and what ones were coming up. Having this aspect of the platform packaged into an easily digestible e-mail notification allowed us to essentially set it and forget it until the next action item came up. We wouldn’t hesitant for a second to recommend your service to others.
-Kyle Rightmyer-

It is actually a great tool!. What I like about it is that everything you need for the project is right there. Plus if you ever want to go back and check the history you can do that. I think it is a fantastic tool and is for sure an asset to your projects. Very easy to log in and very user friendly. I would highly recommend it.
-Steve Cucich-

Thank you again for doing a great job on our transaction. Your “Track with Ease” software made document retrieval and usage extremely convenient and allowed us to seamlessly follow the transaction throughout the entire process and closely efficiently and timely. What a great product!!
-Luke Goetz-

Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to use the Track With Ease software to keep track of a few investments with SC Capital Investors. It was very easy and intuitive, It alerted me when I had to view documents, the commenting feature I found really helpful and it stored everything in one place. It was an efficient way for me to stay in contact with the team especially considering my travel demands for work. The support model was great! I would highly recommend using this if you are looking to stay organized and time efficient in a very mobile society! Kudos on a solid product.
-Viju Paul-

I enjoyed using the Beta site on my recent sale with you and wanted to provide you with my feedback. My use of the Tracks was helpful in obtaining documents and following the process in real time, allowing for my wife and I to comment on the documents and obtain quick responses was extremely helpful. We didn’t have to sift through emails looking for stuff and this really helped us stay in the know on the file, unlike our prior past experiences with Attorney’s. Finally, having all my documents in one place now and in the future is just great for organizing and eliminating the usual cluttered paper trail accompanied with a substantial move, especially with a young family. Many thanks again! I would highly recommend your services to other people for sure!
– Ernesto Figueroa-

My husband and I recently sold our townhouse and purchased a single family. Our Attorney who handled both sides of our transactions was amazing, especially with his file organization by introducing us to Track with Ease, which made our entire experience incredibly smooth. Track with Ease allowed us to have constant knowledge of what was happening “behind the scenes.” We didn’t have to wait for a phone call or email because the documents were all uploaded quickly and shared automatically by the program to any device and were available for us to view as well anytime. We made comments on the live documents and this tool really kept us on track to our simultaneous closing which wasn’t easy to say the least! I can’t stress enough how much we enjoyed using Track with Ease with our attorney on this matter.
-Lauren Mastria-

My previous experience when I sold & purchased a house there was so much stress when dealing with multiple attorneys, agents and mortgage companies and their demands. At times it made the process feel like a full time job to make sure deadlines were met in order to hit closing dates. Well not anymore! With Track With Ease, we had full control in this transaction. The application allowed us to follow the closing process easily and communicate with all parties (attorneys, agents, sellers/buyers. inspectors etc.) through a common portal which allowed for easy collaboration, uploading and signing off on time sensitive documentation. As well as constant communication, even when key decision makers were not in the office. No longer felt off track, instead we were fully engaged and allowed for both a smooth sale of our house as well as a painless closing of our new home. Not to mention, knowing all my important documents are secure and stored and can be retrieved anytime I need it. I really believe Track with Ease is a game changer and every business should use this to manage their clients’ activity, it’s in the name, tracking made easy!
-Tony Joseph-

You’ve been great with keeping us updated. We love the system you have. I will absolutely be recommending you to anyone that needs your services. You have made this so easy for us. Thank you so much.
-James Sheridan-

We have never spoken but I just wanted to extend my gratitude for your kind help and guidance through the home buying process. You have been extremely approachable and readily available even on the weekends, and your communication is concise and to the point, yet pleasantly humane  Needless to say, you have made loyal clients and well-wishers out of us. Our prior experience with our lawyer as home buyers was on the other end of the spectrum, so I for one had had reservations even though Laura had highly recommended you. Thank you once again, I hope to meet you next week on the closing day. Would also very much like to have you come visit us in our new home with your family if time permits.
-Shehar Jaffrey-

Just a note to you.. you have made this part of the process so much easier. We are so glad Laura recommended you to us and we will do the same to others. I love that the Track With Ease system you used made our file accessible, efficient and easy locate! Everything in one place, in real time, was in a word amazing! It’s hard enough making this change.. you make it a bit easier. Thanks!
-Donna Miller-

We had the privilege of using Track With Ease when purchasing our second home and we can’t say enough about it. It made the process so easy for everyone involved. It not only helped everyone stay on track with what needed to be accomplished next but gave us the ability to readily access all the documentation in one convenient and secure location. The process went on smoothly without a hitch and I honestly couldn’t imagine going through another purchase without the use of this application. And to top it off, I now have the satisfaction of knowing all of our important documents are stored away in a secure location that can be accessed again in the future if we ever need them.
-Peter and Marie Vidaic-

For a busy professional, who doesn’t have time to sort through various emails and attachments during complicated business transaction processes that require review of numerous papers, TWE is fantastic! It gathers all the necessary documents, emails and persons from all sides in one application. It’s simple, even for someone who doesn’t use social media or technical applications that much. In between seeing patients and teaching classes, I was able to check progress on negotiations, ask questions and get real time updates with ease!
-Joseph S. Reynoso, Ph.D.-

Word of gratitude to the system you use to track real estate transactions , from my experience this online system took lots of the uncertainty and ‘mystery”  involved in the various stages of the real estate purchase, I’ve got daily mail updates and also notified in real-time for any correspondence/tasks which needed to execute in timely manner. Thanks for your work in our transaction!
-Katri Magid-

I am sending this email to let you know that I have found the TWE software to be helpful in the closing process.  The email notifications were informative to let me know the updates of the closing process on my file.  The software was also helpful in having all the documents stored in order by occurrence and the notes to the files are also great to show the status of the document after review by your office. It saves me the hassle of sorting through my emails to find the documents and they are all easily accessible on TWE.  I also found the critical dates notification to be helpful in keeping me on target with closing process. Finally, having bought multiple properties in NY and NJ, to date this has been the most unique, organized and efficient process used by any previous counsel and I would highly recommend your service, in fact, I have to my sister whom you should be representing shortly. Thanks again!

First, we would like to thank you for your services in closing for our purchase of our new home. Your staff was excellent in handling any matters that arose. It was very helpful using your TWE tool during the transaction for all documents and correspondence relating to the closing. It did eliminate partly the necessity for constant phone calls with your office as it was very helpful to be able to pull those documents up at anytime and see the transaction status meter whenever we needed to. Thank you again!
-Pete Yuskaitis, Fair Lawn P.D.-