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Fast, real time communication that saves you time and money

Communicate more, but spend less time doing it. Impress your clients and realtors with timely real-time updates on their transaction via access to a client portal (branded with your firm), and delivering a service which goes far beyond what can be achieved through manual effort.

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Better communication that keeps everyone satisfied.
Your clients will love it

Clients want maximum communication and transparency.
We let you do a lot more of both while saving you time, through automatic updates, a self-care portal for clients, and other features that let you be more communicative without having to actually do anything yourself.

Send updates automatically before they have to call you

Clients get real time updates and notifications inside Track With Ease, and via email. Cut down on interruptions and email volume by over 50%.

Self-care portal where they see updates on the entire transaction

All the documents, dates, and actions they need to take. Your clients, referral partners, and the other attorneys are kept up to date with updates as you see fit.

More communication means happier clients.

Right from the start of the transaction clients are shared the workflow and next steps for the transaction, and kept up to date as things happen. Track With Ease keeps them updated and feeling reassured so you can focus on more important things than babysitting client inquiries.

Track With Ease handles thousands of mundane communications for you, so you don’t have to.

From updates about documents, to follow ups about Critical Dates, to-do items, and more… Track With Ease handles it on your behalf at exactly the right time… saving you potentially thousands of emails and phone calls for every 50-100 transactions.

Don't want to log in?
No problem.

Your clients can conduct their entire transaction over email if they wish. There's no need for them to learn new tools.

TrackChat lets you chat real-time with your clients, staff, or other parties and synchs with their email.

TrackChat lets you be as responsive as if you were text messaging, which the other parties love… but without having to actually give out your cell phone or deal with interruptions all day.

It's super easy to get started

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