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Managing transactions with Track With Ease reduces the time you will spend by 30-65%.

The traditional way of managing real estate transactions is inefficient.

Time is your most precious asset. But where does your time slip away to each day? So much is wasted on inefficiencies like long email chains, finding documents, responding to client requests, reviewing checklists, making and responding to phone calls, printing, scanning... The list goes on! Fortunately there’s a better way...

Simplify and automate tasks that waste your precious time.

Streamline your entire practice in one place, connecting all your documents, e-signatures, tasks, and clients so you can close transactions efficiently. “Set it and forget it” automation takes care of literally hundreds of your follow up tasks ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. It’s like having a virtual assistant working for you 24x7.

Get more clients and earn more profit.

How much more business could your firm get if you were actually free to focus on finding more clients and growing your practice?

Go out and get more business, with the confidence knowing that your office drudgery is now organized and taken care of on autopilot.

Be the hero of the transaction that Realtors want to refer their future clients to.

Clients will greatly appreciate the organization, transparency and automatic updates they get about the progress of their transaction.

Say goodbye to constant interruptions. Go from feeling frustrated to being appreciated.

Getting started has never been so simple:

Book a demonstration.

Give us just 30 minutes and we'll give you an eye-opening glimpse into how much profit you've been leaving on the table this whole time.


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Our Track Specialist will take our 90 second "Business Case Analysis" to project how much time you'll save and how much more profit you'll earn.


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We'll then show you a quick online demo of exactly how to take your real estate law firm to the next level using Track With Ease.

Casey Egger Real Estate Attorney at Avant Law Firm LLC

Casey Egger, Esq. Avant Law Firm, P.C.

"Within the first 12 months of implementing Track With Ease, the number of closings I did TRIPLED, our staff DOUBLED, and I made Partner at my Law Firm!"