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Realtor Testimonials

From the moment I was invited to use Track with Ease by Chander Singh, my immediate reaction was, “Why isn’t every attorney using this?” Consequently the transaction persisted without a hitch. This particular transaction involved a bank owned property in which I represented the seller and Chander represented the buyer, in a typically complicated REO transaction. Yet the buyer never requested an extension to close and everything was completed to satisfy her mortgage contingency in a timely fashion. I truly accredit this to a reliable attorney and Track with Ease. It kept all parties organized and in the track during the entire transaction. It’s every realtors dream! It’s an excellent tool and I truly hope to see more attorneys using in the near future. Thanks Chander!
Sabrina Aversa
Broker, The Realty Boutique
Little Falls NJ


I love the software, and I wish everybody was using it. It can make communication between parties better and real estate transaction flawless. It keeps all the documents organized in one place, and easy to access at any time. Yes, direct emailing will be great future. I am looking forward to see all improvements in the software. Great Job!!!
Renata Sowul-

It was a pleasure to work with you.  The entire process with the use of TWE made this transaction so much smoother. It is a very user friendly program and the ability of keeping everyone informed at all times with one click away, is so much time productive and efficient. Thank you! Look forward to working with you again in the near future.
Clara Rodriguez
Mortgage Processor


Thank you for making this one of my smoothest transactions thus far! Track With Ease really helps keep the transaction very organized, with everything in one location.  Along with the daily updates on what is uploaded and coming due truly helps.  I’m looking forward to our clients closing in the next couple of weeks as I know they were very happy with this process. Thank you!
Barbara Ferguson, Sales Associate of Weichert HQ Corp.-

Thank you for the smooth closing of the transaction on Fri.Our clients were extremely impressed and happy with your services and the Track With Ease system that was so efficient and for them as first time buyers, it helped knowing what is happening and what to expect.  They were able to access the system, know everything anytime and yes write their comments too! For me, as a realtor, working with you for so many years as I said many times, you provided me and my clients with outstanding service and with the Track With Ease – Life is good!! That system is a brilliant way of working with multiple parties that are involved in the transaction, all parties are kept informed in real time throughout the process saving time for phone calls, faxes, and emails.
The opportunity everyone has to load documents, write comments and view all other activities is an efficient way to making the transaction smooth and on time. I was overseas for part of the time during this transaction but I was informed at all times (at a different time zone). I would highly recommend working with You and the Track With Ease outstanding program. How did we work without it?
-Laura Busse, Realtor-

The integration with GOOGLE is a phenomenal addition to an already amazing document management application – Track With Ease. I have followed and used TWE since the introduction of the Beta Version and love it. It’s way superior to other similar applications, including ZIP LOGIC PLUS. All my transactions are on TWE and I recently had the ability to follow up, send messages, download documents, etc from India. Congratulations Chander and thank you for all the time, energy and expense invested in this project. I strongly recommend Track With Ease.
Basil C. Singh,GRI, ABR, SFR, BPOR, MRP
Broker Associate/Notary/Office Mgr/NJAR Distinguished Sales Club
Director: Eastern Bergen County Board of Realtors, 2013-2017
2016 Treasurer
Century 21 Allstars 100


As a real estate agent who does a lot of business  I am so excited about the advent of TWE, this new software developed by Chander Singh Esq. and president of Sc Capital Investors.  TWE is the answer that helps solve not only my issues with time and organization,  but will help you free up your time while accomplishing more.  That sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? Accomplishing more yet having more free time, yet it is not! I have been working with Chander Singh for many years, first as an attorney who performed many of  my closings,  and now as investment adviser for SC Capital. When I first walked into  Mr. Singh’s office I was taken aback. There were literally hundreds of files on his shelves, the desks, and the floor.  Now “NO MORE”!  With Track With Ease all contracts are compiled in a folder on the TWE site, and all the people involved in the transaction have access to the folder. Everyone involved has access, and if something needs only to go between two or three people they can be named and the others will not have privy to that information. E-signatures make it easy to go anywhere and still have contracts signed. I was able to go on vacation in Brazil and still keep track of transactions, letters, and milestones from out of the country.  All milestones are put into the files so there is no longer any guessing. Everyone involved can go to TWE and see when inspections need to be done, when deposits need to be sent, when the mortgage is due etc. Anytime I wish to see where we are at in any transaction I just need to go to TWE.  It helps me see the picture so clearly, I realize the difference now when I work with others who don’t have this system. When people don’t have this system the information is not at my fingertips, I need to physically go to files in my office to see what stage the transaction is at and what needs to be done. I am speaking from the position of realtor, but this can help the efficiency of any business. It is easy to use, as easy as Facebook. I want to say thank you to Chander Singh for helping make my life easier, and more efficient! I don’t know why anyone would not consider this program. The only reason I can think of, is that people are used to doing business a certain way, the “OLD WAY.” I believe TWE is the way of the future, I remember when I used to use a typewriter, and I shied away from the PC,  before fax’s, we used snail mail, think how much time was wasted. When this program is implemented you will wonder how you ever lived without it! My kudos to you Chander Singh, and my thanks.
Denise Zaft
Century 21 Allstars 100
SC Capital Investment Advisor