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Share everything faster & easier than email

Track With Ease simplifies the process of sharing everything with other parties on a transaction.

We’ve eliminated all the back and forth, and the inefficiencies that come from spending your entire day in your email inbox playing with attachments, downloading, forwarding and CC’ing people all day long.

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Everything on the transaction shared in one place, for everyone.

Way better than just attaching documents to emails, and sending them.

Efficiently collaborate with others on documents, critical dates, and more.

You can invite your client, the other attorney, brokers, and any other third party to see everything meant for them to see on the transaction in one convenient place, instead of getting lost in email back and forth.

Reduce and eliminate email back-and-forth, long chains of forwarded attachments, and lost files.

Now you can say goodbye to long email chains, and long forwarding chains with who knows which version of a document attached. Efficiently see the latest version of everything in one place.

Simplify forwarding and information to other parties

You can shorten and eliminate the “telephone game” whenever you get critical information from one party (such as the buyer’s mortgage company selection) which then needs to be forwarded to a few different parties. Track With Ease automatically handles disseminating information to the right people at the right time, and following up as needed.

Get on the same page about Critical Dates and Tasks

All transaction details and things needed from different parties can be shared with the click of a button.

Robust Privacy controls so people will only see what you want them to.

The other attorneys, your clients, and 3rd party guests whom you choose to invite will only see what you want.

It's super easy to get started

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