Track With Ease | User Testimonials

User Testimonials

Most real estate transactions involve a handful of different contacts and numerous forms of communication between each. To further complicate things, each company has their own method of communicating whether it is email, fax, phone, or their own preferred software. This inevitably leads to lost document attachments, missed or forgotten emails, and sometimes finger-pointing if there is a delay. All of this means unnecessarily lost efficiency and productivity as well as a wide open opportunity for the right solution. Enter Track With Ease. This software acts as a common ground for real estate transactions and the flexibility for those who are less tech savvy or unable to commit to replacing their existing systems. It does exactly what its name represents; helps each company keep track of a transaction so that nothing is lost and no one needs to resend a document over and over again because one party “lost it”. It also means everyone is on the same page and even those who might be actively working on the transaction at the moment (e.g. the seller’s agent) can see where everything stands.
Most importantly, the founders of the company built the software with ease-of-use as a focal point, as the name implies. It looks and feels similar to a social media site that you probably use but does much more. Some of our favorite features include the milestone tracker which is a customizable meter that shows the completion percentage of a file based on milestones that you can preset and even save as a template for future files. Another awesome feature is the integrated e-sign function which allows parties to sign-off on many types of documents without even having to leave the software or print/scan. We have seen the software evolve over time and are excited to see what other game-changing ideas Chander and Paul will think of next! If you haven’t had a chance to try out Track With Ease and work in Real Estate, you owe it to yourself to check it out!

Victor Ng
Clear Skies Title Agency


I am writing to you to express my excitement for this program. I have been looking for three years for this type of software that accommodates all members in the real estate world. It is very user friendly, easy to use and efficient. I can’t wait for the mobile app and the e-signature. That will make getting documents prior to closing that do not need original signatures faster and easier for all who have welcomed the software with open arms. TWE is a revolution for the Real Estate World. Good job and Congrats! Highly recommend this software to others.
Natalie Slezak, M.S.L.
Senior Real Estate Paralegal
Avant Law Firm, LLC


Just wanted to give you an update on the firm’s transition to Track With Ease for case management. We’ve already moved most of our real estate files to tracks, and so far it’s been a huge hit. We love the milestone feature and how it keeps everyone on course and up to date – that alone has managed to bring our email and call volume under control. Just this morning I received a deposit in the mail, and instead of calling everyone with the update, sending a letter, or creating another mass email chain, I checked off the “buyer’s deposit” milestone as complete…and I was done. Everyone gets the notification, no one needs to call or email me to see if buyer sent the funds…and that’s it.
Another thing that’s helped me stay a little more organized is the deadline reminder on my dashboard. As soon as I log in, I see all my open files on one page, and can tell in just one glance if an inspection period is expiring, if a mortgage commitment is coming due, etc. Whereas before, I (admittedly) would lose track of these deadlines until a client or another attorney called to ask for update.
As an added bonus, it really sets us apart from other attorneys in the client communication and technology arenas. My clients and agents love that they can just grab any document, invoice, survey, etc. without searching through their emails, or asking (and waiting) for me to forward. Our firm has spent a lot of time and money over the past few years in trying to provide the service and project the image that TWE has effectively accomplished in just 8 weeks. Bravo!
All in all, we are very pleased. Once the mobile version and e-signature features are launched, I have no doubt that our productivity and time management will hit the roof. Thanks for everything!

-Casey M. Egger, Esq.
Avant Law Firm, LLC


I love working on Track with Ease. At any point if I needed to check the status of the transaction or obtain a copy of a document, it was wonderful to be able to go into a central location without having to ask via email and wait for a reply. This shortcut my time in the file since I was able to deal with it at that moment myself. I also found it easy to communicate with everyone involved in the transaction. The format is clean and easy to use. I do not always do well with change when it comes to new software or technology but Track with Ease was very user friendly. You can see thought was put into this product by someone within the industry, which is refreshing. I look forward to working on this system again.
Melodee Petti
Monument Title Agency, LLC


I must say I’m impressed. It’s so user friendly! A click here, a click there and DONE…document signed, transaction status live updates, and everybody on my team knows what needs to be done next. I think this could be a game changer for me, and anyone else that has the chance to work with your platform. I know you guys already have a bunch of great reviews, so who knows if you’ll actually use mine…but I would highly recommend that any business owner, that finds him/herself constantly sending emails or making phone calls to try and stay current on the status of their transactions, take a good look into Track With Ease. It’ll definitely save you some time and free you up to work on the 20% activities that actually make a difference in your business, instead of 80% that’s mostly chasing people and paperwork.
Glen Adamafio
Marketing Consultant


This platform is amazing, I don’t even have to email my attorneys anymore. I have access to a lot of pertinent information with just one click and can communicate with all parties seamlessly, it’s like Facebook for Real Estate.
Danielle Harvin
Clear Skies Title Agency

Point blank, the implementation of this software in my business has translated into real, measurable monetary gain. I don’t know if there is a better barometer for the effectiveness of a software than that. As the name suggests, the program really does allow you to Track With Ease.
Steven Velez

As a Closing Coordinator, this app always keeps me in the know and on track to close every deal timely, I am able to keep open communication with our lenders, attorneys, and realtors. What a genius idea!
Monica Figueroa
Clear Skies Title Agency

I can’t tell you how much I love Track With Ease! I’m at least 30% more efficient in my daily business. It’s so easy to navigate. Our office made the right choice!
Shabaz Jerome