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Real estate lawyers in Illinois know that standing out from the crowd is key to facilitating the growth of their business. What many of them may not know is that fast and accurate communication is the number one thing that gets clients’ attention. They also may not know that there is a simple solution to many problems that real estate law firms experience: Illinois real estate attorney software.

With the help of the right technology, a real estate law practice can take advantage of the economic benefits that the organization of business systems and automation of routine tasks provide. These benefits are as simple as generating a client’s e-signature for more complex tasks, such as integrating your email inbox into a one-platform source for all of your business management.

With Illireal estate attorney software, your business can double its transaction capacity.

Making sure that your employees are working efficiently is integral to your practice’s success and longevity in a competitive market. Illinois real estate attorney software sets your practice up for growth as it organizes and optimizes the workflow of all your employees on one easy-to-use platform. 

Real estate attorney software can integrate your email inbox with the details of your transactions, thereby reducing the time you have to spend managing information between digital platforms. Additionally, “power features” can be unlocked by integrating your Gmail or Microsoft email onto one platform. Some of these features include:

  • Creating and setting up new deals right from your inbox
  • Monitoring the current detailed status of a deal while moving through other emails
  • Keeping your inbox tagged by transactions
  • Detecting, organizing, and filing email attachments automatically
  • Saving hours composing emails by providing auto-filling email templates with transaction information 

When your paralegals no longer have to spend as much time keeping track of dates, documents, or client contacts, they can take on more transactions and avoid administrative errors. The potential of new transactions and closing you can take on is endless! 

Keep clients happy with Illinois Real estate attorney software

Clients can be needy, demanding, and hard to understand. They often seek reminders, updates, and other notifications from their attorney’s office and have the potential to take up more than half of your practice’s time just receiving status updates. 

The number one thing that determines a client’s satisfaction with their Illinois real estate attorney is the facilitation of fast and accurate communication. 

Real estate attorney software can keep clients in the know while also freeing your and your employees’ time for more important matters. Real estate law software can save up to twelve hours’ work per week for each employee. 

How Illinois real estate software keeps clients informed

By keeping clients well informed, your practice is more likely to receive client referrals and increase the effectiveness of their customer communications by thirty percent. Additionally, you can have more say in how your interactions with clients occur. Some of the abilities that contribute to this success include:

  • Providing updates for agents on all transactions that they have referred to you in one organized place
  • Securely managing what is shared with clients while retaining control over privacy over who can see what in the updated portal 
  • Sending emails to those who would like to know what’s happening without logging in

Overall, real estate attorney software is a necessity in a world as technologically driven as ours. In Illinois, it is imperative to keep your firm up-to-date so that it can remain a fixture of its community.

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With Illinois Real Estate Attorney Software, your law firm can keep up with the demanding nature of operating a real estate law practice stress-free. By adopting TrackWithEase into your practice, you could be assisting more clients and making more money than you ever thought possible.

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