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Every New York real estate law firm is looking for something that sets them apart from its competitors. In a saturated market, it is essential to keep up with the ever-changing advances in legal technology to increase work efficacy, maintain stellar relationships with clients, and increase the number of transactions that your firm can handle at a time without breaking the bank by hiring new employees.

With New York Real Estate Law Software, You Can Run Your Firm From Anywhere in the World!

Using the latest New York Real Estate law software, firms can securely manage sensitive case and client information and even utilize this technology while working remotely. Some of the main features of remote and secure management include:

  • Creating E-signatures in under thirty seconds.
  • Connecting a Microsoft or Gmail account to integrate and unlock powerful features directly.
  • Keeping clients reassured by allowing them to receive updates online 24/7.

Learn more about how you can begin implementing New York real estate law software into your real estate law practice below.

1. Cloud-based New York Real Estate Law Software

The times have changed, and clients rely on constant digital updates from various businesses they regularly interact with.

They expect no different from their attorney’s office. They are needier than they have ever been for closing updates, answers to unrelated or unnecessary questions, and other concerns that require attention- the same attention that should be going to the more essential aspects of their transaction.

2. Automation Creates Time for More Work to be Done

It is hard for real estate attorneys to find enough hours in the day to complete their work.

Thankfully, there is now technology that firms can utilize to expedite the tedious tasks of busy work and follow-ups that transactions require. The fact that some firms spend more than half of their time and effort updating clients is daunting. 

Real estate law software can automate the task and critical date follow-ups, updates and communications with clients, and email automation that unlock “power features” such as:

  • Setting up and creating new deals from your inbox
  • Seeing the updated status of a deal while searching through other emails
  • Keeping your inbox tagged by specific transactions
  • Detecting, storing, and organizing file attachments
  • Saving countless hours by providing auto-filling email templates with detailed transaction information

Think of the salary of just one of your paralegals or case managers- more than half of what you pay them could be going to unnecessary work! 

If so many attorneys know the value of their time, hour by hour, they should care that many of those hours are wasted on tasks that could be done automatically. In fact, by utilizing real estate law software, your firm could experience a 30% increase in law firm efficiency for its clients. 


3. Real Estate Law Software Makes Communication Easy and Clients Happy

The number one way to improve a client’s impression of a New York real estate law firm is through fast and effective communication. Real estate law software can soothe a client’s apprehensions by automatically providing:

  • Essential document procurement and deadlines.
  • Automatic notification alerts while their case moves through its phases of completion.
  • Transaction status updates- which are essential to real estate law.

By reducing distracting busywork, eliminating risks for mismanagement of information while working remotely, and best using your time that is no longer spent on tedious tasks, there could be as much as a 55% decrease in time spent on “status update” interruptions. Not only does this increase the odds for a client referral, but it also frees you to do your best work where it is most necessary - not while fending off a never-ending inbox.

How New York Real Estate Law Software Can Help Your Real Estate Law Firm

You don’t have to sit in meetings for days to learn how to use new real estate law software. With Track With Ease Real Estate Law Software, you will improve the way your practice operates. 

If you are not using New York Real Estate Law Software, you could be wasting MORE time and money WITHOUT it!

Learn how New York Real Estate Law Software can help your real estate law firm:

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