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Every business, especially competitive Illinois real estate law firms, wants to save time and money, increase their efficiency and capacity, and boldly stand out from the crowd. Many real estate firms need software that can take care of this. Without real estate law software created specifically for these accomplishments, clients’ could assume your practice is outdated.

 To earn money, increase workload ability, and save effort doing so, a real estate law firm should utilize the latest real estate law software to put them above and beyond where they were before it. Using Illinois real estate law software can help your business operate more smoothly and efficiently. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of Illinois real estate law software.

How Illinois Real Estate Law Software Saves You Time and Money

In as little as 90 minutes, your real estate law practice can be set up using new real estate law software. It avoids all learning curves. No matter how tech-savvy you are, you can learn how real estate law software works by watching a short webinar. The rest can be learned as you go.


1. Real Estate Law Software Helps Manage Your Inbox

An Illinois real estate attorney’s life is dominated by their email inbox. By using real estate law software, your firm can begin working on what information has been provided by email before you have time to write a reply. By integrating your Microsoft or Gmail account, “power features” are unlocked, and emails become much more than digital documents (that must be named, placed, and organized) in a dislocated inbox. These power features allow you to:

  • Setup and create new deals right from your inbox.
  • Keep your inboxed tagged and auto-filed for transactions.
  • Detect, organize, and file email attachments automatically.

Hours of replies, updates, missed attachments, searching for small details from transactions, and more can be reduced or eliminated- and potentially close transactions sooner than expected - with the help of real estate law software!

2. Sending Automatic Updates with Real Estate Law Software

As many attorneys know too well, clients love attention. Because of the demand that they’ve adopted for near-constant virtual updates, clients are needier than ever and frequently interrupt an attorney’s workflow. Clients call with questions that don’t yet need to be answered, unrelated concerns, and constant ailments that they feel must be immediately resolved by their attorneys that already manage hundreds- if not thousands- of cases at a time. The right real estate law software can soothe clients’ endless worries with automated updates. The kind of information that is communicated to clients includes but isn’t limited to: 

  1. Essential document procurement and deadlines
  2. Automatic notification alerts while their case moves through its phases of completion.
  3. Transaction status updates

Some firms spend more than half of their time and effort updating clients. Think of the salary of just one of your paralegals or case managers. More than half of what you pay them could be going to unnecessary work. On the flip side, the twenty-plus hours a week that a paralegal spends updating clients could go to essential pieces for the firm, bringing in more clients and closing cases quickly.

3. Illinois Real Estate Law Software Prevents Administrative Mistakes from happening often

Close to 30% of all malpractice claims are related to planning, forgetting tasks, missing deadlines, and calendaring issues -- all of which could easily be prevented through better organization or communication. With Illinois real estate law software, these simple mistakes can be dodged while greater efforts are spent on more complex tasks. A user-friendly workflow system can organize forms, contracts, signatures, and other documents while also keeping track of critical deadlines and upcoming tasks so that no client or detail of their case falls through the cracks. 

No attorney likes to admit that they- or someone that works for them- have misplaced important information (or, even worse, an entire file!). Illinois real estate law software can prevent client concerns that impact the likelihood of them referring your firm to others, as well as their cooperation with your firm as a whole.

Track With Ease Illinois Real Estate Law Software Puts You Ahead

Using the most efficient real estate law software, lawyers, paralegals, case managers, and clients alike can appreciate how much easier their cases can go. Additionally, the time and money saved by a firm that knows how to keep themselves current or ahead of their market can make a real estate practice the best at what they do in their community.

What can Track With Ease real estate law software Do For Your Real Estate Practice?

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