Illinois Real Estate Paralegal

From land, personal to commercial property, Illinois has a competitive real estate market with equally competitive real estate law firms. With a never-ending stream of clients buying and selling properties of every kind, the sky's the limit in terms of potential revenue, especially in Illinois.

However, many firms struggle with scaling their clientele. Sometimes, this struggle has nothing to do with the team but everything to do with the processes keeping their firm from growing even more.

As Illinois real estate law firms scale, so does the complexity of projects and the operations that come with them. However, many established real estate law firms don’t fully understand how to improve their processes with technology... The ones who bear the brunt of the lack of automation the most are the real estate paralegals. 

The Role of Illinois Real Estate Paralegals

Illinois real estate paralegals are the winds beneath every real estate attorney’s wings! 

Behind every successful real estate law firm are paralegals that do the leg work to keep clients and brokers happy. Here are some tasks that usually fall under their scope:

  • Facilitating conversations with buyers and sellers
  • Negotiating contracts on behalf of the lawyers and clients
  • Preparing closing documents for signing
  • Following up on critical dates and signatures
  • Monitoring property transactions for compliance

Keep in mind that each real estate law firm is different in how much autonomy they give their Illinois paralegals. Depending on their expertise, the complexity of the transaction, and overall capacity, real estate paralegals in Illinois will have varying experiences. However, there is one thing that real estate law firms DO have in common – paralegals seldom have enough time. This is where software and technology can immensely help the efficiency of paralegals.

The Power of Automation for Illinois Real Estate Paralegal

Among the several hats that the real estate paralegal wears, many of them are more time-consuming than they ought to be. 

Administrative tasks take up to 48% of an attorney’s time. In the fast-paced state of Illinois, one can assume that a real estate paralegal is likely to spend just as much, if not more, than their lawyer counterparts on administrative work.

With TrackWithEase, Illinois real estate law firms can automate the manual tasks that are essential but don’t require the expertise of a paralegal or lawyer. Some of these tasks are possible to automate—sorting through emails, scheduling meetings, plotting task lists, and following up on deadlines.

Illinois Real Estate Paralegals Can Take Back Productivity with TrackWithEase

When it comes to keeping real estate law firms ahead, helping their paralegals stay productive should be a top priority. To do this, real estate law firms need to invest in processes and software which make their lives easier.

With real estate law automation software, paralegals in Illinois will have a lot to appreciate! Not only will automation help to finish their tasks faster, but it also creates room for more closings.

If you think that your Illinois real estate law firm can benefit from workflow automation, reach out to TrackWithEase for a free demo today:

Illinois real estate paralegals click here to manage your transactions with TrackWithEase!

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