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In today’s world, if clients think that their real estate attorney’s office is slow and outdated, it won’t be able to keep up with the technological advances of its competition. By bringing all of your transactions (sometimes hundreds at a time) to one place, your firm can handle more work than ever before.

Why Real Estate Law Software Eliminates Busy-Work

By effectively and automatically organizing your e-signatures, contacts, documents, dates, workflows, and more, Maryland real estate attorney software eliminates the possibility of countless mistakes made while fulfilling administrative tasks. The right software can save each employee in your office up to twelve hours of work per week. It gives your employees more time and energy to focus on those aspects of a transaction that require their undivided attention.

Adopting real estate law software can also turn your email inbox into a far-reaching and multifaceted tool that starts your work for you instantly. Some of the abilities are so effective that they are referred to as “power features,” including:

  • Creating and setting up new deals inside your inbox
  • Seeing the current status of a deal while browsing emails
  • Keeping your inbox tagged by transactions
  • Automatically detecting, organizing, and storing file attachments
  • Saving hours composing emails by auto-filling responses
  • Providing email templates with transaction information

By utilizing real estate attorney software, real estate law firms can keep all clients and agents communications in one place, saving time and effort on your part and reducing the risk of missing something in a forgotten email inbox.

1. Maryland Real Estate Attorney Software Saves Time

Clients can be needy, difficult, and hard to understand. They often seek reminders, updates, and other notifications from their attorney’s office, and have the potential to take up more than half of your practice’s time just receiving status updates. Still, the number one thing that determines a client’s satisfaction with their Maryland real estate attorney is the facilitation of fast and accurate communication. Some of the abilities that contribute to this success include:

  • Providing updates for agents on all transactions that they have referred to you in one organized place
  • Securely managing what is shared with clients while retaining control over privacy over who can see what in the updated portal 
  • Sending emails to those who would like to know what’s happening without logging in

Real estate attorney software can keep clients in the know while also freeing your and your employees’ time for more important matters.

By keeping clients well informed your practice is more likely to receive client referrals as well as increase the effectiveness of their customer communications by thirty percent. Additionally, you can have more say in how your interactions with clients occur.

2. The Numbers to Back-Up Maryland Real Estate Attorney Software’s Success

Maryland real estate attorney software brings your office to your computer. It streamlines the multifaceted duties of attorneys, paralegals, and transaction managers into an organized workflow. 

But what are the facts and figures that really show how it can grow your business? Maryland Real Estate Attorney Software can:

  1. Increase law firm efficiency by thirty percent on average for customers
  2. Save twelve hours per week per staff member
  3. Decrease time spent on “status update” interruptions

In as little as 90 minutes, real estate attorneys and their firms can be up and running with Maryland real estate attorney software. With no learning curve, real estate law firms who utilize real estate attorney software free themselves from their email inbox, reduce interruptions, and satisfy clients, so you focus on practicing law.

3. How to Embrace Technology in Your Practice with Maryland Real Estate Attorney Software

By embracing the advent of Maryland real estate attorney software, your business is given room to grow. Because of the countless advantages, it is hard to think of why a Maryland real estate law practice wouldn’t take itself into the future. Unfortunately, those who do not take on this technology are left years in the past. Begin leveraging technology in your real estate practice today with TrackWithEase.

Eliminate Busy Work and Embrace Technology: Schedule a Demo with TrackWithEase Maryland real estate attorney software

With Maryland Real Estate Attorney Software, your firm doesn’t have to be operating in the past. Instead, it could be assisting more clients and making more money than you ever thought possible with the help of TrackWtihEase software.

Learn how Maryland Real Estate Attorney Software can improve your Real Estate Practice:

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