Maryland Real Estate Paralegal

The right-hand men and women of lawyers from all over the world, paralegal are the lifeblood of many Maryland real estate firms. From scheduling critical dates to coordinating transactions, the experience of a real estate paralegal varies significantly across companies within the same state.

According to the National Association of Legal Assistant's Survey Report, 30% of paralegals often provide support to at least 2 to 5 attorneys at any given time. In addition, 74% of paralegals have indicated that their workloads are progressively increasing. In terms of deliverables and responsibilities, 40% of paralegals attend department and client meetings instead of lawyers regularly.

In 2021, Chron reported that paralegals worked as much as 60 to 80 hours for several months during significant events such as closings. With as much as 50% reporting a lack of secretarial (admin) assistance, it’s no wonder that real estate paralegal professionals from Maryland are prone to feeling overwhelmed. But, how can law firms help?

Creating a Better Work Environment for Maryland Real Estate Paralegals with Automations

Using TrackWithEase, clients are sent alerts about critical tasks, updates, and timelines without any paralegal intervention. Not only are clients constantly updated, but they’re also given access to real-time data and statuses with their private dashboards.

TrackWithEase also follows up with tasks like contract signing, responds with auto-detect, and checks off completed tasks. Through integrating with your existing Google or Microsoft email, transactions are processed seamlessly. Here are some of the ways how TrackWithEase creates a better work environment for Maryland real estate paralegals:

  • Creating a customer onboarding workflow
  • Having visibility on deal status while viewing individual emails
  • Automatic tags on transaction types
  • Detecting and organizing closing documentation
  • Email templates for recurring transactions

By investing in real estate law software, real estate law firms can help decrease the administrative burden that many paralegals have to do unnecessarily.

Benefits of an Automated Real Estate Workflow for a Maryland Real Estate Paralegal

There are several benefits to investing in workflow automation software for real estate law firms. It’s not only more efficient, but it’s also more effective and less likely to make mistakes linked to human error.

However, one of the biggest benefits of automating your real estate firm in Maryland lies within your real estate paralegal skills. With less unnecessary work on their plate, real estate law firms can train their paralegals to take on more challenging roles that require critical thinking and analysis. Through upskilling Maryland real estate paralegals, lawyers can rely on their ability to screen and analyze documents more regularly. 

Lastly, workflow automation creates more time for real estate paralegals to breathe and take breaks, even amid demanding closings.

Workflow Automation for Maryland Real Estate Paralegal

With workflow automation, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain for real estate law firms. 

Not only does it help clients stay updated, but it also helps Maryland real estate paralegals stay sane. There are endless opportunities for real estate law firms to make everyone’s lives easier with technology.

If you think that your Maryland real estate law firm is in desperate need of workflow automation, send TrackWithEase a message for a free demo today:

Click here to keep both your clients and employees happy with workflow automation!

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