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Massachusetts real estate attorneys know all too well that making sure your practice stands out from the crowd is essential to sustaining your business. Maintaining client relationships, collecting and distributing invaluable information, and expanding and modernizing your law firm are all tasks essential to peak functionality. Yet, these duties are not always the easiest to fulfill. 

A crucial asset for those firms that want to go above and beyond their competition is Massachusetts real estate attorney software. By utilizing powerful technology, your firm can automate and organize its workflow, freeing hours of the day for the more essential and detail-oriented aspects of real estate law. 

Reasons Massachusetts Real Estate Attorney Software Can Take Your Firm to the Future

According to Ashley Molson, Esq. who practices at the Molson law firm in New Jersey, obtaining real estate attorney software is the “greatest technological investment I have made for my law practice”. By embracing real estate attorney software, working remotely is made possible. This is a valuable asset in a time such as ours while working remotely is a necessary temporary structure that all businesses must be ready for at a given moment. 

Further, the advantages of your office working virtually with real estate attorney software can eliminate some of the various methods of older real estate firms that rely on paper filing systems or a hybrid paper and virtual method of managing their data. 

Those firms that have not moved to an entirely virtual system risk making simple administrative mistakes that can turn into larger problems, such as losing the one paper copy of a client’s transaction or mishandling essential client contact information. 

With real estate attorney software, all of your employees can interact with client closings on one platform. It allows for instantaneous communication of your firms’ workflow.

1. Massachusetts Real Estate Attorney Software Gives Your Email Inbox Organizational Superpowers

In addition to streamlining the administration of your Massachusetts real estate law practice, attorney software can turn your email inbox into a valuable business tool rather than an uncontrollable flow of information that must be transferred, printed, or converted to other platforms to work with.

Real estate attorney software can bring your Microsoft or Gmail inbox to one simple platform, directly connecting messages from clients and agents to the appropriate employees, while also automatically working on documents to send as a reply. 

Some of the enhancements that are provided by email integration include:

  • Creating and setting up new deals right from your inbox
  • Monitoring the current detailed status of a deal while moving through other emails
  • Keeping your inbox tagged by transactions
  • Detecting, organizing, and filing email attachments automatically
  • Saving hours composing emails by providing auto-filling email templates with transaction information 

If you are a real estate attorney handling 30-100 transactions annually, you need to keep all of your emails organized while keeping clients and agents happy. It is exactly what Massachusetts real estate attorney software was created for - streamlining transactions from contract to close!

2. The Right Software Keeps Clients Happy

Massachusetts real estate attorney software is a necessity in a world as technologically driven as ours. It is crucial to keep your firm up-to-date so that it can remain a fixture of its community. With clients’ needs for near-constant virtual communications, some firms now spend more than half of their time providing clients with status updates.

Real estate attorney software can keep clients in the know by providing automatic updates while also freeing your employees’ time for more important matters. Real estate law software can save up to twelve hours’ work per week for each employee.

3. Clients Updates are Automated So That You Can Focus on Practicing Real Estate Law

By keeping clients well informed your practice is more likely to receive client referrals and increase the effectiveness of their customer communications by thirty percent. Additionally, you can have more say in how your interactions with clients occur. Some of the abilities that contribute to this success include:

  • Providing updates for agents on all transactions that they have referred to you in one organized place
  • Securely managing what is shared with clients while retaining control over privacy over who can see what in the updated portal 
  • Sending emails to those who would like to know what’s happening without logging in

Those firms who choose to stay in the past will have a much harder time keeping up with real estate law practices that understand the value of real estate attorney software. It’s time to update your workflow. 

Take Your Real Estate Law Firm to the Future: Schedule a Demo with TrackWithEase Massachusetts real estate attorney software

With Massachusetts Real Estate Attorney Software, law firms don’t have to operate like it’s 1999. Instead, you could be assisting more clients and making more money with TrackWtihEase software.

Learn how Massachusetts Real Estate Attorney Software can improve your Real Estate Practice:

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