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Every real estate law firm in New Jersey is already vulnerable; the housing market can change at the drop of a hat, good and bad employees come and go, and running a business is always a risk in an economy such as ours. So why don’t more firms utilize New Jersey real estate attorney software when the benefits for those who do are so great? 

It might be because attorneys already use software that works fine, or they aren’t willing to risk learning curves and spend the time adopting new software. With New Jersey real estate attorney software, real estate attorneys can avoid all these things and be up and running within 90 minutes of training.

Attorneys not using New Jersey real estate attorney software could lose more TIME and MONEY without it! No sitting in meetings, or spending days learning the program when you begin leveraging TrackWithEase in your New Jersey real estate law practice.

Enhances your client experience with New Jersey Real Estate Attorney Software

Many real estate attorneys know already that clients can be needy. They may not know that fast and accurate communication is the number one thing that determines how clients and agents alike perceive your firm’s work. 

Transaction status updates are reported to clients and all employees, which is essential to the functioning of any real estate law firm.

Clients often seek attention from their real estate lawyers, and many firms spend more than half of their time responding to “status update” requests. Real estate attorney software automates much of what firms consider busy-work, such as: 

  • Essential document procurement and deadlines
  • Automatic notification alerts while their transaction moves through its phases of completion
  • Transaction status updates

By procuring documents from clients, as well as facilitating e-signatures in a matter of seconds, your firm can streamline the work of its paralegals or transaction managers. In addition, automatic notification alerts keep customers satisfied when they crave instant updates on digital platforms.

Real estate attorney software takes your firm to the future.

In today’s world, clients think that their real estate attorney’s office is slow and outdated if it can’t keep up with the technological advances of its competition. However, by bringing all of your transactions to one place, sometimes thousands at a time, your firm can handle more work than ever before. 

New Jersey real estate attorney software gives your employees more time and energy to focus on those aspects of a transaction that require their undivided attention.

Adopting law software can also turn your email inbox into a far-reaching and multifaceted tool that starts your work for you instantly. Some of the abilities are so effective that they are referred to as “power features”, and they include:

  1. Creating and setting up new deals inside your inbox
  2. Seeing the current status of a deal while browsing emails
  3. Keeping your inbox tagged by transactions
  4. Automatically detecting, organizing, and storing file attachments
  5. Saving hours composing emails by auto-filling responses
  6. Providing email templates with transaction information

By effectively and automatically organizing your e-signatures, contacts, documents, dates, workflows, and more, New Jersey real estate attorney software eliminates the possibility for countless mistakes made while fulfilling administrative tasks. The right software can save each employee in your office up to twelve hours of work per week.

Real estate law software is so effective that you don’t have to leave your home to get things done.

With the growing demand for working from home, real estate attorney software has become even more invaluable. New Jersey real estate attorney software gives your firm the stability, security, and flexibility to facilitate transactions, manage client interactions, and maintain its business from your personal computer. It means that your office can effectively go paperless, as the need for paper copies of closings and transactions is eliminated.

Further, with the time saved by reducing time spent on client status updates, your firm can focus on its communication between attorneys and their employees and make managing a business-wide workflow both possible and efficient. In fact, real estate law software can increase law firm efficiency for customers by as much as thirty percent.

Take Your Real Estate Law Firm to the Future: Schedule a Demo with TrackWithEase New Jersey real estate attorney software

With New Jersey Real Estate Attorney Software, law firms don’t have to operate like it’s 1999. Instead, you could be assisting more clients and making more money with TrackWtihEase software.

Learn how New Jersey Real Estate Attorney Software can improve your Real Estate Practice:

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