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Staying on top of things is a never-ending challenge - especially for a paralegal working in a New Jersey real estate law firm! Besides facilitating what’s needed between clients and lawyers, paralegals are responsible for a variety of other admin tasks. For example, managing contracts, monitoring transactions, preparing closing documentation, and communicating with clients.

With all this on a paralegal’s plate and more, many real estate paralegals cannot get as organized as they could be if they were using technology to help juggle their various demanding tasks. Without technology, it could lead to upset clients, loss of client referrals, and a burnt-out staff. Many hours get wasted doing administrative work such as preparing closing contracts, keeping track of transaction status’, or searching through emails for the correct document when you need it.

Thankfully, New Jersey real estate paralegals can take back their time with real estate law software!

3 Ways Technology Helps New Jersey Real Estate Paralegal Stay Organized

When transactions, closing documents, and tasks are organized precisely, everyone in the law firm wins. Clients are updated timely, lawyers have more time to practice law, and paralegals have time to breathe. Here are few more examples of how technology helps New Jersey Real Estate Paralegals stay organized:

1. Software Automates Tedious Tasks for Real Estate Paralegal

For every client, there are a certain number of steps to follow to reach closing. Real estate paralegals are sometimes tasked with manually generating lists every time and finding space in the calendar for each client’s needs. New Jersey real estate paralegals that use TrackWithEase are freed from tedious tasks because the technology will automatically generate task lists for you.

With its easy-to-use workflow system, TrackWithEase helps assure that none of the hundreds of tasks paralegals have to do will stay undone. It will send reminders and updates to ensure all tasks are completed on time.

2. Effortless Collaboration with New Jersey Real Estate Paralegals and Clients

Staying connected to clients can be a time-consuming process. Emailing, texting, and calling can take up a lot of real estate paralegals’ day-to-day activities. Real estate paralegals can stay on top of everything from transaction documentation to critical closing dates for clients with real estate automation software.

In 2021, Atlassian released a study about how U.S. businesses collectively lose $37 billion a year on salary costs due to unnecessary meetings. 

With TrackWithEase, real estate law firms can effectively cut back on hours of updating your staff and clients by giving them the capability to update themselves on your database. That way, New Jersey real estate paralegals can effortlessly collaborate with clients and brokers throughout the entire real estate transaction process.

3. Generate and Store Contracts for Real Estate Paralegals in New Jersey

Drafting, storing, and endlessly chasing clients to sign documents keep many real estate paralegals in New Jersey on their feet. 

TrackWithEase helps manage this by creating custom workflows and templates for each type of closing or transaction. Not only does TrackWithEase generate contracts automatically, but it also follows up with delinquent clients and stores the documents safely. 

There’s no need for clients to bother New Jersey real estate paralegals or attorneys for updates on their transactions when TrackWithEase is in the mix. It’s also useful when real estate attorneys or paralegals are busy out and about attending closings. Real estate paralegals and clients are able to stay connected effortlessly with the help of transaction management software.

Technology Keeps New Jersey Real Estate Paralegals On Track!

No Maryland Real Estate practice wants to be ill-equipped to handle a world that is as technology-driven and economically variable as ours. 

With Maryland Real Estate Law Software, your firm doesn’t have to be stuck ten years in the past. Instead, it could be assisting more clients and making more money than you ever thought possible.

Learn more about how Maryland Real Estate Law Software can help your Real Estate Practice:

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New Jersey real estate law firms have the opportunity to future-proof their practice with specially designed real estate law software. It gives New Jersey

real estate paralegals the chance to hit two birds with one stone - keep transactions streamlined and increase client satisfaction.

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