New York Real Estate Attorney Software

Technology can be a blessing and a curse, even as it relates to the field of real estate law. Because of the ever-changing technological landscape, New York real estate attorneys must race to have their firms stand tall against other competitors. 

It means they will need specific New York real estate attorney software that can withstand threats to security, consolidate varied servers and platforms to one easy-to-use program, and even compose critical legal documents and emails.

This advent can boost the effectiveness of any firm by keeping information, contacts, documents and more organized and easy to access by all employees. Once you use it, you’ll wonder how your firm functioned without its help.

How New York Real Estate Attorney Software Satisfies Your Clients

Every attorney knows that clients can be needy. Many clients reach out with concerns that are not relevant to their transaction, have questions that could be answered with a quick email rather than a phone call, and often have other general inquiries for their attorney. It takes up time, clogs inboxes, and creates busy work that must be taken care of by those who handle administrative duties in a law firm, such as a paralegal or transaction manager. Some firms end up spending more than half of their days just updating clients, and it’s not exactly the best use of their time.

Because of their dependency on technology that shares constant status updates, clients might feel that law firms are slow and outdated if they don’t keep up with their demands for attention. Thankfully, the right New York Real Estate Attorney Software sends and receives clients’ information automatically, such as:

  • Essential document procurement and deadlines
  • Automatic notification alerts of their transaction’s steps to completion
  • Transaction status updates

1. New York Real Estate Attorney Software Streamlines New York Law Firm Operations

Now that your firm’s real estate attorney software has automated client interactions, your business has the time and space to grow. Happier, more frequently updated clients give referrals. Transaction loads can double while your firm manages hundreds, maybe thousands of transactions at one time. New York real estate attorney software can process hundreds of transactions at the same time, assess when and how to follow up with clients automatically, and provides custom templates, facilitates e-signatures, and more to give your practice the muscle to handle more clients than ever before. 

Real estate attorney software allows your office to go remote. More popular than ever, the work-from-home structure demands that real estate law firms are more organized, communicative, and robust than ever before. With tools that allow your office to both consolidate and collaborate seamlessly, there is even a possibility that your firm could go paperless, making it sustainable, flexible, and high-tech.

2. The Facts Behind New York Real Estate Attorney Software’s Success

New York real estate attorney software brings your office to your computer. It streamlines the multifaceted duties of attorneys, paralegals, and transaction managers into an organized workflow. But what are the facts and figures that show how it can grow your business? New York Real Estate Attorney Software can:

  • Increase law firm efficiency by thirty percent on average for customers
  • Save twelve hours per week per staff member
  • Decrease time spent on “status update” interruptions

Every New York real estate attorney should consider the benefits of utilizing law software in their office. Once you do so, you’ll never want to answer another client status update email ever again. 

3. Organize transactions and Stay up to date with Clients

When it comes to practicing real estate law, the collection and organization of client information, signatures and other data is a fundamental aspect of each transaction. The automation of this process with the help of New York real estate law software can allow a firm to work remotely, update clients without effort, and reduce the amount of time necessary to make a close. 

If a real estate law attorney is handling 30- 100 transactions a year, TrackWithEase can help organize critical dates, contacts, timelines, and documents by streamlining everything into one easy-to-use real estate law software platform.

Adopt New York Real Estate Attorney Software into Your Real Estate Law Practice

By adopting New York real estate attorney software, your practice will instantly put itself ahead of its competitors, meanwhile establishing your real estate practice as a valuable member of the community. Leverage real estate attorney software in your practice today.

Learn how TrackWithEase New York Real Estate Attorney Software can help your real estate law firm:

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