New York Real Estate Paralegal

When it comes to New Yorkers - time is money. At the heart of a city bustling with ambition, real estate law firms that don’t pick up the pace will be left in the dust.

Real estate law firms need to equip their teams with the right technology to do their job the best they can! New York real estate paralegals need to work smarter to keep up with the changing times, not harder. 

With software designed with the real estate law paralegal in mind, your New York real estate law firm will have everything needed to keep lawyers on top of their game and clients happy with the pace of their closing.

How TrackWithEase Can Help Increase the Efficiency of New York Real Estate Paralegals

For many New Yorkers who hire real estate law firms, the transactions on the line are rarely cheap. Whether they are seasoned real estate developers or a young couple buying their first home, it’s essential for clients that their deals are closed efficiently. 

Here are some ways New York real estate paralegals can benefit from TrackWithEase real estate law software:

1. Fewer Interruptions for New York Real Estate Paralegal

Using TrackWithEase transaction management software, New York real estate paralegals can easily keep everyone updated without headaches. Transaction management helps real estate paralegals update their New York clients on critical dates and new developments easily without lifting a finger. With reduced interruptions, New York real estate paralegals can save up to 12 hours per week and focus on things that move the needle for the entire legal practice.

2. TrackWithEase Helps New York Real Estate Paralegals Reduce Time Spent on Email

According to Atlassian, unnecessary emails cost companies up to $1,800 per employee every single year. On average, employees check their emails at least 36 times a day, wasting 16 minutes for every email checked before they can regain their ability to focus on their work again.

New York real estate paralegals waste less time checking their email inboxes by utilizing real estate law software. Here are a few ways how:

  • Automatically detect and organize email attachments
  • Generate transaction tags based on client status
  • Integrate email accounts for contract preparation

With less time spent on emails, New York real estate paralegals can upskill every other aspect of their roles, like spotting opportunities and building client relationships!

3. Real Estate Paralegals Can Send Follow-Ups in a New York Minute with TrackWithEase

Supposedly, there is nowhere else in the world where the minute is as short as it is in New York. With automatic follow-up mechanisms, New York real estate paralegals don’t have to spend all day reminding a client to sign important documents. 

When every second counts, New York clients love to feel like they can trust law firms to remind them about their end of the bargain, so they can finally close a deal. 

New York Real Estate Paralegals Stay Ahead of the Curve with TrackWithEase!

With TrackWithEase, New York real estate paralegals can prepare contracts, facilitate communications, and monitor transactions in far less time. Investing in the right tools can help real estate paralegals deliver crucial information to both lawyers and clients efficiently and effectively, every single time.

TrackWithEase can simplify any real estate paralegals job, schedule a demo to learn how.

New York, real estate paralegals, click here to manage your transactions with TrackWithEase!

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