All-in-one transaction management platform with e-signatures & more


Track With Ease helps you save valuable time, so you can earn more profits and increase client satisfaction.

How it works

Create a Track

To organize everything for your new transaction in one place.

Upload documents

And easily stay on top of everything from paperwork, to critical dates, to-do lists, and more.

Share Everything

Invite clients and all parties to smoothly collaborate and get the transaction closed.

Communicate & get work done faster

Manage the transaction and keep everyone updated automatically, in just a fraction of the time.

Complete the transaction

Faster and easier than ever before. Your clients and staff will thank you!

Here’s some of the things you can do with Track with Ease to save valuable time:

Create documents, e‑signatures, and more with ease

We’ve simplified the process of creating all the documents, forms, and everything else you need from A to Z on a transaction. You can store your more used forms and communications as updates and have them automatically filled out with all transaction details.

Contracts & Forms
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Organize everything for your transactions in one place online

Never lose track of anything again. Save time by keeping everything online in one place for your entire team, so you can say goodbye to searching through email inboxes for attachments, contacts, and more

Transaction templates
Documents & folders
To-do items and tasks
Firm & pipeline overview
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Share everything faster & easier than email

Everything on the transaction shared in one place, for everyone.
Way better than just attaching documents to emails, and sending them.

Invite others to collaborate
Eliminate email back and forth
Simplify forwarding information
Granular privacy controls
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Communicate in real time more, faster – but using less time

Communicate more, but spend less time doing it. Impress your clients and realtors with timely real-time updates on their transaction via access to a client portal (branded with your firm), and delivering a service which goes far beyond what can be achieved through manual effort.

Self-care portal for your clients
Automated e-mail updates
Messenger chat
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Automate your busy work and follow up

Being a great real estate attorney or transaction coordinator doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself. Thanks to TrackAutomation you no longer have to waste time chasing people for paperwork, emailing people for updates, micromanaging your staff, or asking people if they saw your important email.

Follow ups
Updates to Clients
Reminders and Dates
Uploads & Sharing
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