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Setting Up Your Company

Video 1 – Setting Up Your Company

Setting Up Your Company

Video 2 – Creating Track Folders

Creating And Importing Templates

Video 3 – Creating And Importing Templates

Benefits Of A Track

Video 4 – Benefits Of A Track

Setting The Track & Adding People

Video 5 – Setting The Track And Adding People

Sending An Email

Video 6 – Sending An Email

Add And Administer Documents

Video 7 – Add And Administer Documents

Documents Page Overview

Video 8 – Documents Page Overview

Navigating The Document Viewer

Video 9 – Navigating The Document Viewer

Setting Up E-Signatures

Video 10 – Setting Up E-Signatures

The Milestones Section

Video 11 – The Milestones Section

The Tasks Section

Video 12 – The Tasks Section

The Calendar Section

Video 13 – The Calendar Section

The Notes Section

Video 14 – The Notes Section

The People Section

Video 15 – The People Section